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Friday, March 02, 2012


The creativity of the people in Gangjeong village is more than impressive. With each day they have to figure how to get around the road blocks set up in their way by the Navy, Samsung (lead construction contractor), and the police.

Here is a wonderful post today from Emily Wang who is in the village.

Today (2012/3/2) while being blocked by police men, peace activists were having small festival because it's really boring to be blocked for no reason.

Five buses of police are having long stay in the small fishing port of Gangjeong. Their purpose is absolutely blocking any kayak to enter the sea, but none of them can explain why they block the kayak. The police just repeatedly tell us that "because it's dangerous to drive kayak". Actually the kayak activities have been continued for so long time, and no accidents at all, but anyway, for helping the work of the barge ship which has invaded Gangjeong sea yesterday and is now dredging the sea bed here, the kayak activities suddenly become a really dangerous and serious crime in Korea. The serious crime even demand 5 buses of police men to prevent it.

Tonight, we had Gangjeong film festival for the police men who have been blocking us in the Gangjeong fishing port from going to the sea with kayak for a few days.
I showed the short film I made and I talked to them with broken Korean.

When we just arrived there, the police men were nervous about our action and pay attention to our kayak but after they got to know we just came there for showing them the movies, many police men were just asked to retreat from our "movie theater" and going back to their original standing police.

Anyway, many of them had watched my film. Although I don't know how many people among them really pay attention to watched my short movie, I prayed and I believed there must be someone who will be influenced by our small action.

Since I have stayed in Gangjeong for quite a while, I can say many people's lives will be changed through this experience. These people include the police, fake police who are just doing military service, workers, visitors.


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