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Thursday, March 08, 2012


  • The response to my request for funds to get two members of national Veterans for Peace to Jeju Island has been more than remarkable. People have given enough that we can now send four veterans to Gangjeong village. Two will go early next week and the other two soon thereafter. Thanks to all of you who have spoken with your heart. It's the best response to a fundraising request in my entire organizing career - and I've been around for awhile.
  • It's hard sleeping at night knowing the villagers are being dragged off by the police while I am in bed. Thus I'm not getting many winks. My entire being seems wrapped into one big bundle of solidarity.
  • Please consider sending some persons to Jeju from your community right away.
  • The latest news is from one of the international team in the village. He writes:
Today, the ROK Navy asked the Coast Guard to officially criminalize "leisure sports" (that means kayaking) in the Gangjeong port. We've heard that they are suggesting a $1000 and/or up to a year in prison for break this insane idea. Of course for the last week or so the police have illegally been spending lots of wasted effort and time and taxpayer money to try to block us from using the Kayaks from the port, but this suggestion really takes the absurdity to the next level.


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