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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yesterday morning hundreds of police blocked kayak storage container not allowing villagers to even get the boats out. Isn't this a sign of desperation by the right-wing government that the people are winning the public relations struggle?

Father Moon (in the video) ending the mass along Gurombee rock in Gangjeong village just before our arrests on Feb 26.

I am still in Boston as I speak tonight at an event called Drones: The New Frontier of Warfare and Spying which will be held at the Cambridge Friends Meeting House near Harvard Square at 7:00 pm. It is being organized by United for Justice with Peace.

Natasha Mayers and Mary Beth Sullivan arrived back in Boston late last night and this morning we all had breakfast together to review our remarkable trip. Natasha is determined to organize a group of artists to return to Gangjeong as soon as possible. This morning I heard from fellow Maine Veterans for Peace member Dud Hendrick who is going to Vietnam in April and is considering stopping in Gangjeong before heading home. Yesterday I heard from Koohan Paik in Hawaii who is going to work on getting folks to go to the village as well.

Natasha and I both had several people approach us before leaving Gangjeong village telling us how much they appreciated and were inspired by the presence of Global Network people from around the world. Two such folks told me that when they heard a "conference" was to be held they at first thought it sounded like a boring idea. But they were surprised and happy to see the strong content of our event and most importantly that our members (of all ages) were willing to kayak to Gurombee rock, crawl under razor wire, go to jail, and more. It makes me very proud of our organization.

I've been getting quite a few messages in response to my latest blog (and email) post about the trip. It is clear that the concern about Jeju Island is growing worldwide. We've got to keep spreading the word and helping folks find ways to offer support.

The very best source of information anymore turns out to be on Facebook. Frequent posts of videos, photos, and updates are to be found there but you do have to be on Facebook to access them. Find it here


Blogger Nicole said...

It sounds like this trip was phenomenal. I wish I could have made the journey with you, I am looking forward to hearing all about it though.

2/29/12, 5:26 PM  

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