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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


  • I leave early Friday for Hawaii and then South Korea. This video is from today in Gangjeong village. There are huge numbers of police there and lots of plainclothes security too. The younger man in the red mask appears to be one of the goons hired by Samsung (the lead contractor) to harass the people. We are going there at an important time.
  • Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is back in a Jeju jail and is now on his 10th day of hunger striking. Last summer he fasted for 74 days and nearly died. Many people are convinced that this time he will not end his hunger strike unless the Navy base construction stops.
  • The Jeju Island prosecutor has released his proposal of punishment for the accused Catholic Fathers who have been struggling against the Jeju naval base.
Fr. Mun Jeong-Hyeon - Two years’ imprisonment
Fr. Lee Young-Chan - One and half year imprisonment
Br. Park Do-Hyun - One year imprisonment
Fr. Lee Kang-Suh - One and half year imprisonment

Fine 700,000 won for all 9 Catholic priests. The court decision will be made on Feb. 24, the date that our conference is to begin on Jeju Island.

  • An interesting new poll by the conservative United Technologies/National Journal has some interesting information. Not really what the right-wing wanted to hear. It goes to show that in spite of the fact that the corporations control the mainstream media the public is still able to separate wheat from chaff.

When asked to identify the biggest reason the federal government faces large deficits for the coming years, just 3 percent of those surveyed said it was because of “too much government spending on programs for the elderly”; only 14 percent said the principal reason was “too much government spending on programs for poor people.” Those explanations were dwarfed by the 24 percent who attributed the deficits primarily to excessive defense spending, and the 46 percent plurality who said their principal cause was that “wealthy Americans don’t pay enough in taxes.”


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