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Friday, February 03, 2012


Latest report from Jeju Island is that Professor Yang Yoon-Mo confirmed his intention to carry out a prison fast once moved to the Jeju Prison. “It would be either I die through fast or the naval base is revoked.”

He is expected to be sent to the Jeju prison on Monday, Feb. 6.

On Jan. 30, he was arrested when he crawled underneath a dump truck. He was on probation from his last jailing in 2011. He did a hunger strike for 76 days last summer while in prison.

He told a local newspaper, “At the time of prison fast last year, [Catholic] Bishop Kang Woo-Il persuaded me to stop the fast but as the situation has become different, I will not stop it.”

“Unless the Navy stops its law-transcending illegal construction (destruction), my fast will not be stopped either. I will process a hunger strike struggle to accomplish a faith that the Jeju should remain as the demilitarized Island of Peace.”

Yang has been particularly upset by the treatment of villagers by hired thugs and goons sent into the village to harass the non-violent protesters. The thugs have broken into villagers cars and homes and pushed around and insulted the people trying to intimidate them.

He defined the current police measure against villagers as "the end stage." Yang deplored, “while the police don’t hear on the villagers’ claim that it is illegal construction, they exchange signs with thug-like people and are arresting villagers, Catholic Sisters and Fathers.”

I am certain that Professor Yang is serious about this new hunger strike as he knows that the dramatic nature of this effort will inspire more people in South Korea and around the world to step up their efforts to help Gangjeong village. He also knows that the total destruction of the rocky coastline, soft coral reefs offshore, plant and animal life, and the villagers fishing and farming way of life can only be protected by the courageous action he is planning to take.


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