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Monday, June 17, 2019

U.S. expands its military hub in Poland

A new combat training center in Drawsko Pomorskie will be built as the US deploys 1,000-2,000 more troops to Poland – bringing the total to well over 7,000 US soldiers who are routinely rotated in and out of the country.

It also appears that a squadron of Reaper drones will be deployed in Poland as part of this expansion.  The Reaper drone offers the US reconnaissance and offensive strike capabilities.

Following regular US-NATO war games in and around Poland, the Pentagon has been leaving massive amounts of military hardware at bases in Poland essentially creating a major military operations hub for the US-NATO aimed at Russia.  Moscow must be increasingly alarmed by this steady escalation of permanent US military capability nears its borders.

The US-Poland announcement stated that the purpose of these additional deployments is to ‘enhance interoperability’ between the two nations military forces.  But there can be no question that the US controls the ‘tip of the spear’ and that Poland is being used as a sacrificial lamb as Washington pursues domination of the Baltics and ultimately Russia as well.

A loaded gun is being pointed at Russia’s head and Moscow is being told to ‘submit to US control’ or risk war.  This arrogant and aggressive attitude by Washington is increasingly being witnessed all around the world as the US desperately attempts to remain the ‘unipolar’ global dominator.  There is no question that the US economic and military ‘empire’ is collapsing and the open question is will Washington create the third world war in its vain attempt to stay in control?



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