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Sunday, June 30, 2019

He's gone Injun....

Walking amongst the needles
The wind talking to Tatanka through the pines
Remembering the people
whose faces appear in the sacred rocks
Let’s not forget them
They know how to live on this land

I’ve been here since the early 60’s
when we pulled into Rapid in a blizzard
The smell of the sweet grass
the pounding of the drum
the keening voices
the howling wind
crawled inside me
My heart is still at Wounded Knee

I recall telling the southern
suburban school kids
in the 80’s about the people
Drawing lines on the chalkboard
linear thinking,
is killing
our spirit
and our mother

My son visited in the womb
but it’s in his blood now too
It passes from one to another
The love for the people
the love of nature
Even if you don’t know it

My heart gets big when I see the hills that
look black from a distance
The view from the wind swept butte
reminds me that this land
will always belong to all our relatives

The arrogance of the white way
drops dead in time

Like they say in the movies,
he’s gone Injun 



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