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Sunday, June 02, 2019

New Prez in Ukraine - war on Donbass continues....

Two houses sustained damage as a result of shelling on May 29th carried out by the UAF (Ukraine military) on the settlement of Golubovsky, which is a part of front-line Kirovsk.

The president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelensky, in his meeting with the US Senator Robert Portman (R-Ohio) declared that his country is waging two wars, one against Russia and the other against corruption, reports the official website of the president.

How does Ukraine dream they can actually beat Russia?  And why?

So there is a new president in Ukraine (who won by a huge margin of 70-some percent). During his campaign he indicated that the war should end.  But words are cheap - results matter.

It's obvious to me that the US wants to continue the destabilization and chaos along the Russian border in eastern Ukraine.  Thus the Ukrainian troops (funded, armed, trained, directed by US-NATO) continue their attacks on the innocent civilians.  These are war crimes but who in the west cares to notice?

I found this video on The Saker and below are some comments by folks on the page:

  • Did people really believe that Zelensky [new president] stood for peace? Really? That one doesn’t even need hindsight. So long as they are infested with Nazis, Oligarchs, and foreign powers like US, Canada, UK, and extremist volunteers from there and the Baltics… Did they suddenly leave? Nothing will change yet.

  • Once Germany puts its house in order (Rhineland, Sudetenland, Austria, Danzig etc) Hitler will be ready for peace.

  • People voted not for Zelensky but against Poroshenko [old president] & C. (both inside and abroad), and the politics and results of that. He (Zelensky), willing or not, is trapped to continue as before, so massively deluding the biggest part the population. This is good, however, since, in the end, will mean the disintegration of the artificial territory that is actually called (U)kraine and the freedom and well being for the great part of the peoples living there.

  • First Zelensky has to put his house in order, and then he may be able – if he really means it- to stand for peace. But I do not have a great hope…


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