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Friday, June 14, 2019

Iran has no interest in war

Iran has no incentive to start a war with the west.

Like we've seen in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Venezuela in recent times it is standard operating procedure to fabricate pretext to start wars.

The mainstream media is happy to go along to spread lies in order to build support for these regime change operations.

So if Iran didn't attack these ships in the Gulf of Oman, who did?

Several answers immediately come to mind.  Thirty-five years of experience requires me to ask which nations have been pushing regime change in Iran.  So my list of likely suspects begins with the CIA (remember that Pompeo who was quick to blame Iran, is the former CIA director), Israel (who itches for war with Iran), Saudi Arabia (who is led by a trigger happy madman who also wants to take down Iran), Britain (who is a US lap dog), and France (led by another western lap dog).

I listened to an excellent discussion on this incident at The Duran and highly recommend these excellent commentators.  Listen to them here

It is important to remember that the western military industrial complex must have continual instability and war in order to maintain their stranglehold on the national budgets in the US and NATO countries.  So when thinking about who is pushing combat with Iran one must ask the question - who stands to gain the most from such a provocative war?

Finally, just look at a map and see how Iran is entirely encircled by US-NATO forces in 14 Middle Eastern and North African countries: Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain.

So again Iran would be crazy to start a war, and Tehran is not crazy.



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