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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Russia Bails Out Ukrainians Who Had No Gas

The puppet government in Kiev has destroyed Ukraine.  It has become the Somalia of Europe.  The US-NATO project has been to destabilize Ukraine because it borders with Russia and in the western part of the country the large supply of nationalists/Nazis have been willing to serve as the shock troops to wage war in the east. 

Washington-London-Brussels-Paris-Bonn don't give a damn about the people in Ukraine.  The people are just tools - the goal is regime change in Moscow.  Compliant corporate agents are preferred that will serve as vassals.  Russia, China, Syria and Iran are all on the take down list.

One other way to punish the people in eastern Ukraine is for Kiev to cut off their gas now that winter has come.  Its cruel and I have no doubt that every time V-P Joseph Biden visits Poroshenko in Kiev (as he frequently does) he carries the orders to turn the screws harder on Ukrainians in the east knowing that Putin will have to react.

So Putin reacted and is shipping free gas to folks in the video above. 

Likely Biden's list of dirty tricks is a long one.


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