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Monday, January 11, 2016

Russian TV Covers Star Wars & U.S.-NATO Military Aggression


This is a new Russian TV documentary on Star Wars and US-NATO expansion up to Russia's borders.  The documentary maker came to Bath, Maine last October 31 to film our protest at the Bath Iron Works (BIW) 'christening' of another Aegis destroyer outfitted with so-called missile defense systems.  The filmmaker told me he had recently watched the documentary Pax Americana & the Weaponization of Space and was inspired to cover the issue.

I was interviewed for the Russian film as was fellow Global Network board member Wolfgang Schlup-Hauck in Germany who speaks about US deployment of nuclear weapons in his country.  In addition Global Network co-founder and journalism professor Karl Grossman from New York was also interviewed for the film.  Former CIA analyst turned peacenik Ray McGovern (a Russian expert) was also featured and the film beautifully ends with Ray reciting a Russian poem.

The documentary ran about two weeks ago on Russian TV and the filmmaker wrote to me saying it had caused a good discussion across their country.  While the film is in Russian it is still fairly easy to follow the story line as it is full of clips illustrating the points being made by those interviewed.

This documentary really underscores the deep concerns in Russia as they witness US-NATO encirclement of them for what many in Washington claim will be "regime change" in Moscow. The US-NATO are playing with fire as Russia is one country that can actually fight back.  I don't believe that Russia is looking for war but they appear ready to stand up to the big bully if necessary.

In 2015 the US spent 34% of the world total of military spending - add in the NATO members portion and you reach well over 50% of global military spending.  Russia actually only spent 4.8% of the world total - hardly enough to become the 'new Hitler' as US-NATO often claims.

Since the film ran on Russian TV the hits on this blog from Russia have increased by hundreds every day.  I welcome those Russian visitors and remind them that many of us in the US are working hard to stop this criminal corporate military syndicate that runs our country but we are not having a great deal of success.  We need a unified global movement in order to stop the cancerous US-NATO war machine from killing us all. 

Do the Russian people have a right to defend themselves from this mounting danger of US-NATO war mongering - particularly as they see the Washington-Brussels military machine arming, training and directing Nazi death squads in western Ukraine?

Even though I am a passionate peace activist I felt during the 1980's that the people of El Salvador and Nicaragua had the right to defend themselves from US military aggression.  So too today I believe that the people of Syria, eastern Ukraine and Russia have the right to defend themselves against Washington-Brussels criminal war making and regime change.  Just look at what the US and its NATO allies have done to Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in recent years.

This film begins and ends with the drumming by Mainer Peter Baldwin and friends who came to the October 31 BIW 'christening' of another Navy destroyer.  That drum beat is the heart of our movement for peace and justice.  We can't let that heartbeat ever stop.


Blogger ann said...

It is really sad that most Americans do not see that we are doing anything wrong. I think many will view this film as "Russian Propaganda".
It makes me sick to see what destruction these new USA bases are doing to the people who live near them.
I was trying to explain to someone about the horrors we have caused. His response, "If we don't do it to the them [Russians, Chinese, Koreans, etc.], they will do it to us. Another voice for 'Might makes Right'.
Don't people ever remember history?

1/11/16, 4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This film was once available on Google video with English subs, years ago before Google bought Youtube.

1/16/16, 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, seems to be a different film. The film I remember was actually called "Good Empire", not merely the name of the uploader.

1/16/16, 3:52 PM  

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