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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Twenty Questions from the Audience

At Cape Canaveral, Florida rally in 1990 announcing I had been selected as NASA's first activist in space

I've been getting lots of questions from folks and thought I'd respond to some of them below.
1. Do you really think the US wants to control space?  Imagine the $$$ that can be made moving the arms race (and nuclear power) into space!  Mine the sky for minerals that are now becoming scarce here on Mother Earth.  Big $$$! Pyramids to the heavens.
2. Have you ever considered going to space yourself?  Yes, in fact I won a NASA contest to be the first activist in space - but once on the rocket I learned it was only a one-way ticket.  After I got to the moon I had a hell of a time hitching a ride back home.
3. Come on you are just kidding...  That's not a question.
4. Why does the US keep making war?  After having stolen most of the Native American lands here in the east, the 'American exceptionalists' kept heading westward, crossed the Pacific, and then figured they might as well go for the whole ball of wax.  They are still at it.  It's like Las Vegas, they will keep rolling the dice until someone stops them..... 

5. Is it true that you are a Communist agent?  Back in the 1980's during the times of the Cold War I was leafletting at the post office in Orlando, Florida when a man accused me of being a Soviet agent.  I told him, "Yes it is true and that damn Gorbachev is late sending me my check"..... I'm still waiting! 

6. Why do you keep referring to those who run the country as pirates?  I've never seen them dressed like Captain Hook!  I once read that the Bush clan came from a long line of pirates....just saying...... 

7. Do you think your phone is monitored?  Can't hear you, what did you say?  Meet me at the park at noon and we'll talk more about all of this. 

8. Ah, come on, seriously.....are you monitored by the government?  Yes, and I have a thick file to prove it. One police agent once tried to sell me drugs back in my Florida days. 

9. Why do so many people ignore climate change?  Climate change?  What climate change? Don't you mean El NiƱo?  Here in Maine I've heard many people say they like the warming trend - even some activists.  I'm going to plant banana and pineapple in the spring. 

10. Don't you take anything seriously?  Yes, that's my main problem. 

11. How can you expect anyone to follow you when you are always so negative?  I'm not asking people to follow me - I'm just asking them to rattle their chains..... Do something.....Say something.....Wake up.....Come alive.....Stop impersonating a corpse. 

12. Is there any hope for humanity?  Sometimes I wonder.  

13. Should we all plan to move to Mars?  I've got my space suit ready to go..... no, on second thought the dry, dusty red planet is not so attractive to me.  I'll stay here and tend to my banana and pineapple plants. 

14. How come you don't like Obama?  Who? 

15. You just don't like Democrats, do you?  I loved Jimmy Carter and worked on his campaign because he said, "The arms race is a disgrace to the human race."  Then after he became president he built the Kings Bay Trident nuclear submarine base in St. Mary's, Georgia near the Florida border.  I protested there many times over the years and got wise to the Democrats game.  Fool me once..... 

16. See I knew you were a commie!  I guess you are right.....You should see my impersonation of Lenin....

17. Back to space, do you believe in aliens?  Sure why not? There has to be someone out there with more intelligence than us least I hope so.  

18. Have you ever met one?  You mean an alien?  God knows.....I've sure met a lot of people who appeared to be from some other planet - how about the crowd in Congress?  They must come from some place else the way they are destroying our Mother Earth. 

19. What is with all this Mother Earth stuff?  Well it makes sense - we are born from this planet which teems with life - our earth is always pregnant with new life.  But now our Mother is in toxic shock and her body is thrashing about in pain.  Look at the huge storm right now along the Mid-Atlantic coast.  Three feet of snow predicted.  Very unusual for that part of the country. 

20. OK, now I know you are crazy!  Thanks for the endorsement.  I'm just doing my best. 


Blogger Ken Jones said...

So good, Bruce. Maybe start an advice column for depressed activists? "Dear Mr. Commie..."

1/23/16, 12:35 PM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

Yes I might do that - take 2 aspirin and stick your head in the sand!

1/23/16, 12:38 PM  
Blogger Lisa Savage said...

I love that idea, Ken! But I think you should be the one to write that advice column. Bruce is too bitterly funny to dispense soothing advice. Well, we all must play our role...

1/26/16, 5:56 AM  

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