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Saturday, March 22, 2014


The US is like Dracula - it can't stand the light of day.  The US lives and thrives by hiding behind shadows, deception and falsehoods.  This is why Disney World is so popular - the unreality of Cinderella's Castle fits well with the streets of gold mythology in the US story.

Any leader, any country that dares challenge the official line of the US is demonized and smashed.  The corporate media in the US, often staffed over the years with CIA operatives, repeats the lies until they are drummed into the heads of the American people.  This brainwashing is soon enough accepted as the gospel truth by the public - to the point that the people begin to believe that they were the ones to have thought up the ideas.  It's called internalized oppression.

I was on a radio program from Tampa, Florida yesterday talking about air shows.  There is going to be a big show there this weekend and the host wanted my take on these kind of events since I've organized protests at many of them here in Maine during the past 10 years.  I said air shows are Expensive, Polluting, Propaganda, Military Psychological Operations, Promote Idolatry and False Patriotism, Entertain, and Glorify War.

One caller accused me of being un-patriotic and stated that the US must have the "strongest military on the face of the planet in order to defend ourselves"...... from whom I asked?  The US spends more on the military than the rest of the entire world combined.  The Pentagon has nearly 1,000 military bases around the planet - how many does Russia and China have?  Google it.  Do they have bases in Canada or Mexico or warships off our Atlantic and Pacific coasts?

Why do we have to destabilize other countries and kill legions of people around the world in order to create jobs here at home?  We have a dark heart and yet we are unwilling to see that fact - instead we project our dirty deeds onto the rest of the world and accuse them of being the aggressor.  Look at the facts.  Look at who does the invading and knocking over governments.

I told the listeners to the Tampa radio station that I used to go to the air shows when I was young and living on Air Force bases.  I used to look up into the sky and idolized the war planes.  I had big photos of these war planes on my bedroom wall, along with my crucifix, when I was a kid.  I now realize that I had been brainwashed.

It wasn't until I was in the Air Force myself during the Vietnam War that I really learned the truth behind the facade.  I read the sordid story inside the government's own 'secret' history of the Vietnam War - The Pentagon Papers - and was liberated from my darkness.  Since then I've never stopped shining the light on the face of Dracula and I will never stop.


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