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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Fiscal Year 2015 Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Budget Press Briefing

You might not watch all of this so I thought I share a few of this officer's words on the new "missile defense" (MD) budget request:

  • "due to recent threat developments"
  • The new missile defense interceptor "kill vehicle" will allow for "new tactics in weapons doctrine"
  • The MDA is "engineering the kill chain from beginning to end"
  •  New accuracy will "allow the war fighters to dramatically improve their shot doctrine"
  • The budget will allow the MDA to "continue to support Israel's missile defense program"
  • The MDA request for 2015 is $7.459 billion
  • "We need our allies in the Gulf and Europe to step up and contribute and they are"
  • The sale of two THAAD missile defense batteries to the United Arab Emirates "helps us get our price down"

It's always interesting to hear the words these guys use to sell their program.  The phrase "new tactics in weapons doctrine" makes me think they are talking about further improvements on the Pentagon's first-strike attack program which is job #1 of the MD program.  Star Wars lives.

Acknowledging that this high-tech program is a tremendous challenge, and very expensive, one major task of the MDA is to sell the program to the allies.  They use the words "interoperability" and "integration" which means nothing more than the allies help pay for this global MD system but it all has to be run through and controlled by the Pentagon's military space satellite and global ground station network.

The "recent threats developments" subtly points to Russia.  Clearly the Pentagon will use the Ukraine-Russia "crisis" to get even more funds than previously expected.  Watch out food stamps, education, and ultimately the Social Security program.  These cats are coming for the whole ball of wax.

It's a good time to hit the streets folks.  Tie all these issues up in a nice bundle so people can see the writing on the wall.


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