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Friday, August 26, 2011


Catholic priest Father Moon after being pulled down from the top of a van carrying Gangjeong village Mayor Kang inside

On August 25 the South Korean police arrested five members of the Gangjeong village protest movement. They were then taken to the nearby police station. The crowd of protesters moved to the station and continued with their protest.

Father Moon climbed on top of the police van that had Gangjeong village Mayor Kang inside to prevent him being moved to the nearby police station. Father Moon was wrestled to the ground by plain clothes cops. Then at the police station he again climbed on top of the van and was again taken down.

In the video you see this action play out and at the end you see Father Moon himself being moved to the prison in Jeju city. The villagers chant: "public authority is arrogant. . . they ignore villagers. . . love you, father"


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