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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tucker answers Q's at Dubai summit



Tucker Carlson was invited to address the 2024 World Government Summit in Dubai following his trip to Moscow. 

He made some very interesting and important observations. 

My own sense of Tucker is that he is in transition. He's long been characterized as hard core right-wing but one of the reasons he got fired from Fox is that he was using his show to challenge the 'uni-party' in Washington. 

I saw him interviewing people from the left-center-right on his show. That is something few (if any) highly rated TV personalities dare to do these days in the US.

I saw him while he was still on Fox calling out Republicans for funding the war in Ukraine. I saw him challenging the leadership of the Republican party for being out of touch.

Time will tell how far Tucker goes on his current path. With his ability now to be doing independent media he has more freedom to explore. At this point his interview with Vladimir Putin shows that he appears to be serious about wanting to give the American people more information about what is actually going on around the world.

That is a good thing.

If you missed it you can watch Tucker's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin here:



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