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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Statement on “Superbowl Massacre” in Rafah


By Bronx (NY) Antiwar Coalition

As of February 11th, “israel” has launched an egregious bombing campaign against the designated safe zone of Rafah. Over the course of these past 4 months, the zionist entity used terrorism to forcibly displace 1.5 million Palestinians further and further south, ultimately into Rafah. It did not spare the sick, the elderly, nor the children. IOF snipers even shot at those on the “safe route.” Many Palestinians who made it to Rafah did so under the most inhumane and tortuous conditions. Many do not know how they made it alive.

Now, in this designated safe zone, many living in make-shift tents with nowhere to escape, “israel” bombs the densely populated area of Rafah. The zionists execute this terrorism with the help of U.S. bombs, financing, and propaganda.

For several months, the zionist entity has had the opportunity to engage in a ceasefire and hostage exchange; however, exchanging captured settlers for Palestinian prisoners and hostages was never the zionist objective. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and colonizing Gaza were its objectives. We are seeing the entity’s staunch commitment to this genocidal campaign.

“israel” initiated this attack while much of the masses in the U.S. had their eyes glued to the TV. They yelled and shrieked at what was before them, which was not the genocide paid for by their tax dollars playing out in real time every single day for the past 129 days, but rather at a football game. This moment is a clear reminder of the calculated attempts to erase, normalize, and propagate the imperialist agenda against our siblings in Palestine. Hollywood and professional sports celebrities, too, are mere pawns used to distract us from U.S.-funded genocidal crimes. Much like these politicians who pay lip service, who say they are for the people and that they are for justice, entertainment and sports celebrities must not be looked up to as role models. They provide cultural cover for the horrors our taxes fund. They are sell-outs, and we must decolonize our minds and remove them from the pedestal they are on in our imagination.

Those who fight for justice reject western normalization. We do not fall for these lies and distraction ploys. We direct our attention to that which matters.

All eyes on Rafah!

All eyes on Gaza!

All eyes on Palestine! 


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