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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Another concession by Orbán: Sweden's NATO membership



By the Hungarian Peace Community

The Prime Minister of Hungary made another concession to the pro-war policy: he announced that the parliament will vote for Sweden's accession to NATO, the correspondent of the Hungarian Peace Community reported.

At the European Union summit in Brussels on February 1, Viktor Orbán withdrew his veto and voted to give Ukraine 50 billion euros, speed up the transfer of missiles, artillery shells, and ammunition to the Ukrainian armed forces, and increase European military production. Orbán also signed the EU's final statement, according to which Ukraine will be supported as long as necessary.

In his annual evaluation speech in Budapest, Viktor Orbán tried to counterbalance his concessions to pro-war politics by announcing that he would not allow Hungary to be dragged into the war.

According to experts, the Hungarian Prime Minister's peaceful intentions are not supported by his concessions to the war supporters. The financial and military support of Kiev, as well as Sweden's NATO membership, favors the continuation of the war as opposed to the desired political settlement.

The integration of Sweden into NATO indicates that the Western alliance wants to continue its expansion to the East. The Hungarian government's consent to NATO expansion means that it rejects the fulfillment of Russia's security demands put forward on December 15, 2021, including that NATO abandon its eastern expansion.

Viktor Orbán's government has thereby embraced NATO's policy, according to which security is not indivisible, and the enforcement of the military bloc's security at the expense of Russia is permissible.

Since Moscow represents the opposite of this, namely the indivisibility of security, and that no one grants their own security at the expense of others, the Hungarian government's decision amounts to strengthening the confrontation and weakening our national sovereignty - evaluated the correspondent of the Magyar Békekör. 


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