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Thursday, April 07, 2022

One More Step Towards Global War?




Czech Member of Parliament Ondřej Benešík announced that the Czech Republic was supplying Ukraine with T-72 tanks and armoured personnel carriers. 

“Deliveries of Czech BMPs and T-72 tanks are being made. Defence Minister Jana Chernokhova deserves a lot of praise. This is something that is very much needed for the Ukrainian army’s fighting ability right now. I believe that we will be able to continue these supplies,” the MP wrote on Twitter.

Ex-Soviet Heavy Armored spotted being moved out of storage and onto trains in Czechia, this may be some of the Equipment that the Czech Government had received approval from Germany to send to Ukraine specifically the BMP-1s, these T-72 MBTs are most likely being sent also.

The UK and allies also promised to supply more heavy weapons, long-range artillery, ammunition and air defence systems. Arms were sent to Ukraine by Germany, Sweden, Denmark and other countries.

For its part, the USA approved the initiative of the Baltic states to transfer a large batch of American-made weapons to Ukraine.

Amid this backdrop, European Commission and the German leadership has announced an extension of anti-Russian sanctions.

Sanctions are expected to be imposed on the following six areas.

  •     A ban on imports of coal from Russia. Current estimate of coal imports from Russia to the EU is €4 billion per year.
  •     A ban on exports to Russia worth another 10 billion euros a year, including of semiconductors, computers, technology for LNG gas, and other electrical and transport equipment, the source said.
  •     Bans on importing wood, cement, rubber and chemicals from Russia, plus high-end foodstuffs including caviar and spirits such as vodka
  •     Russian vessels and trucks would be prevented from accessing the EU with exceptions made for energy products, food and medicines.
  •     A ban on Russian companies participating in public procurement in EU member states.
  •     A ban on all transactions with VTB and another three Russian banks which have already been excluded from the SWIFT messaging system.

Also it is expected that dozens more individuals, including “oligarchs and politicians”, would be added to the EU’s sanctions list.

Formally, the sanctions are aimed at reducing trade between the EU and Russia. The authors expect that as a result, trade between the countries will decrease by an aggregate of 20 billion dollars a year.

However, an analysis of the substance of the sanctions indicates that they are not aimed at Russia but rather at the people of the European Union. A ban on coal imports is expected to raise electricity prices. This, combined with a shrinking market for machinery, equipment and high-tech goods, will inevitably lead to a reduction in production in EU countries and, consequently, to jobs cut, along with a rise in inflation.

These consequences are inevitable even if Russia does not impose retaliatory sanctions. However, on 5 March, President Putin sent a clear message that Russia intends to limit or even exports of food, fertilizers and possibly key energy resources to “unfriendly countries”.

If the sanctions war continues to unfold at this rate, it will have catastrophic consequences for EU citizens, up to food shortages. Living standards and disposable income in the EU have already fallen significantly since the Corona crisis started.

Leading Euro-zone governments have injected hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy. At the same time, the level of production of goods and services has not risen symmetrically. There are simply no free markets. At the moment there is unprecedented inflation and rising prices.

It should also be borne in mind the huge strain on the social budgets of leading European countries due to the large numbers of refugees from the Middle East, Africa and now Ukraine.

A question arises, so why does the European bureaucracy continue to consistently take actions that will predictably worsen the economic and social situation in the region in the very near future? It is hard to assume that they are not predicting consequences. Rather the opposite, they are seeking just such consequences. It seems that the aim is to put EU populations in a desperate situation, where the only way out is an aggressive war for Russian resources, i.e. another “Crusade to the East “. How a big war will be justified publicly is already evident from the current anti-Russian hysteria, fueled in every possible way by the Brussels bureaucracy and the MSM.

All the EU’s problems will be blamed on those “Asian subhumans” who have inadvertently been given such rich territory and do not share European liberal values. The U.S. and the British Commonwealth will watch with enthusiasm for the great European butchery. And it is, in all likelihood, almost inevitable.


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