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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Friday, April 15, 2022

Europeans plotting to destabilize Central Asia



 TASS reports

The European Union’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Tomas Niklasson has held consultations in Tajikistan. Afghan issues were also discussed during United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi’s recent visit to Dushanbe. Experts believe that the Europeans are analyzing the situation in Central Asia before launching an operation to destabilize the region, Nezavisimaya Gazeta notes.

"Given Tajikistan’s tough position against the Taliban (outlawed in Russia) and refusal to hold constructive talks with the new regime in Kabul, the West seems to view the country as a channel for supporting the so-called anti-Taliban forces so as to create the necessary level of instability in Afghanistan," St. Petersburg State University Professor Alexander Knyazev noted.

"Instability persists along the southern borders of Central Asian countries. The EU and US allies are interested in creating chaos on the southern borders of Central Asian nations because it is Russia’s zone of responsibility and interests so even slight tensions in northern Afghanistan would distract Russia’s resources currently focused on Europe," the expert emphasized. According to him, Imran Khan’s removal from the post of Pakistan’s prime minister, marks a new stage in the Chinese-US standoff in Pakistan, which will soon spread into Afghanistan.

"EU officials are testing the waters through Tajikistan before escalating a conflict that would spill over into Russia via Kazakhstan," political scientist Mars Sariyev noted. "The recent vote of no confidence against the Pakistani prime minister gives free rein to the West. Now, the United States can advance its prearranged plan to destabilize the region. When leaving Afghanistan, Americans left a lot of weapons behind for a reason, which, apart from the Taliban, fell into the hands of groups outlawed in Russia, including the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Ansarullah," Sariyev stressed.


Anonymous Keith Rodgers said...

Full Spectrum Dominance:

Russia is a threat to the Banking Cartel just as China is also. Remember what Churchill said about Germany's threat to the bankers, and also why Qaddafi was sodomized to death when the Gold Dinar was being established.

Russia and China have Gold reserves and I remind you that since the 1930's the Federal Reserve holds no gold.

WTC 9/11 gold taken, Iraq gold taken, Libya gold taken, Syria gold taken, Ukraine gold taken, and finally Venezuela gold taken. Oddly who is running by proxy US foreign policy?

The US is used for it's military and that's it!

We can establish what's going on in Ukraine by seeing a leaked report that the Jew's were in fact Khazars with a reverse immigration plan to the Ukraine. Establish the Human Right's group that demanded Israel stop arming the Azov battalion (Nazi's) or a splinter of the Ashke'nazi.

The ADL who supports the Azov as "Good Nazi's" who don't kill Jew's and who are ethnically cleansing Pro-Russian's (Whites) just as they ignite racial tension in the US by supporting BLM and Antifa. George Soros who takes credit for the Ukraine turmoil.

Then the now removed link from the Jewish Virtual library that said, "Over 150,000 German Jew's served as Nazi's in WWII."

There's two versions of Socialism. The first is under Communism that has left 100's of millions dead.

The other Socialism?
Fearing this Sandinista model might spread to other countries,
then former secretary George Shultz who In 1949, Shultz earned a Ph.D. in (Industrial economics) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then seeing that model, then called the Sandinistas a cancer right here on our land mass. Yes Nicaragua was a THREAT to US NATIONAL SECURITY. i.e. Meanwhile, Shultz's attention was increasingly diverted from the domestic economy to the international arena. In 1973, he participated in an international monetary conference in Paris that grew out of the 1971 decision to abolish the gold standard, a decision Shultz and Paul Volcker had supported (see Nixon Shock). The conference formally abolished the Bretton Woods system, causing all currencies to float. -wiki

Capitalism is Communism

Secondary to the latter socialism is Central & Latin America where people thrive together as family units who don't depend on the State for help. Hard workers who try to organize for workers rights and unions. Over 2,000 civil rights and union leaders have been assassinated over the last 3 decades who are in opposition to multinational corporations (Owned by who?)

Here's a hint!
Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines?

Mikael Dolsten, the Jewish immigrant leading Pfizer's vaccine charge, hopes the US stays a melting pot

Top Rabbi: America is Collapsing, Israel must Step Up as new World Superpower

One of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, has released a statement on the status of America as a waning world superpower and a message of hope for Israel to fill the void. Rabbi Eliyahu is the Chief Rabbi of Safed and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council

4/15/22, 6:59 PM  

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