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Thursday, April 07, 2022

Doctor: Ukrainian forces occupied the hospital



Recorded by Eva Bartlett

In liberated Volnovakha, in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), on March 24, Chief Physician, Viktor Fedorovich Saranov, said: 

“[The Ukrainian army] were there. There were tanks on our territory. There were guns and MLRS (“Grads”) outside the territory. I asked them to act in accordance with the Hague and Geneva conventions. I asked them to leave the hospital. They said it was war. The second and third floors were occupied here.

We were preparing for a long siege, and then it turned out like this: they conducted an attack. They evacuated the soldiers. And they mined the entrance to the intensive care unit. On the last day when they were leaving, they shot at the intensive care unit.” 

The ICU, he said, had already been evacuated. A woman who said she had worked at the hospital as a nurse for nearly 58 years, said. “On the 28th I was home alone. They soon started shelling A tank came here and stopped. A soldier jumped out of it and said ‘get out of here immediately’. How can they do it with their native hospital? With patients here. They were laying in corridors, as they have been evacuated. They said there were no one in the hospital, no staff, no patients. This is a lie.” 

Later, researching, I came across this news: “Foreign mercenaries who were wounded in the Volnovakha hospital were shot by their own before leaving the city so that they could not tell anything. All the wounded have a control shot in the temple or the back of the head.”


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