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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Militarisation of Space Threatens Security in New Zealand


The recent Rocket Lab launch of US Military 'Gunsmoke-J' was for 'warfare combat targeting' and is among many satellite launches preparing for warfare in Space and on Earth. In the light of New Zealand's higher 'national interest' and values, it is disturbing, but not surprising, that the NZ government gives permission for the US Space Missile Defence Command (SMDC) payloads because they provide lucrative contracts to Rocket Lab and the NZ Space industry.

The New Zealand Space Industry seeks opportunities for NZ economic development in commercial services, environmental and scientific studies, as well as security purposes. However, the US military and warfare industry corporations, like Lockheed Martin, invest in and reward those who serve their warfare agendas, on the assumption that it is purely for Defence purposes.

This is misleading and NZ should not contribute to the military Space warfare industry, according to Laurie Ross, NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaking veteran campaigner. 

Thus, it is recommended that the NZ government refuse approval of future Rocket Lab launches for the Space Missile Defence Command and other branches of the US Military or corporations involved in expanding the warfare industry.

For more info: Laurie Ross    


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