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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

History lesson: NATO broke Yugoslavia to bits


A very important video regarding the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Retired Brigadier-General Pierre Marine Gallois of the French Army on the destruction of Yugoslavia, demonization of the Serbs and western interests behind it (primarily German and American).

Understand this and you will know the present world order.

What happened, how it happened, the interests, motives etc.  

Here is one commentator on the Internet whose words make sense in this regard. He wrote:

It was not natural ethnic rivalry which broke up YugoSlavia, it was heavy armaments of NATZO, the armed wing of Anglo-Zio Capitalism, after our diplomatic corps, our media, our money and our imported fanatical “Islamic” mercenaries had stirred up murderous incidents to ignite ethnic strife. Same way we [US-NAT)] broke up Ukraine and tried to break up Syria.


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