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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Boeing X-37 could carry nuke warheads

The US X-37 military space plane (super drone) could technically carry up to six warheads and, with the US planning to deploy eight of these by 2025, it looks like a serious challenge, the director-general of Russian defence technology company Almaz-Antey, Yan Novikov, said Saturday.

"The official story is that these platforms were developed for scientific purposes and, well, surveillance. But we understand that having these capacities and possibilities, the smaller spacecraft can carry up to three nuclear warheads, the large one up to six," Novikov said at the New Knowledge educational event.

Novikov pointed out that the United States was planning to add two new platforms to the six that are already in orbit.

"This is, without any doubt, a serious challenge," Novikov said.

Source: RIA Novosti


Test firing projectiles from an orbiter

Clementine (officially called the Deep Space Program Science Experiment (DSPSE) was a joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO was previously the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization) and NASA, launched on January 25, 1994. Its objective was to test sensors and spacecraft components in long-term exposure to space and to make scientific observations of both the Moon and the near-Earth asteroid 1620 Geographos.

Another reason for the mission was to test fire a projectile from the orbiter toward the surface of the Moon in order to find out if there was water under the surface.

This is likely a key reason for the BMDO (now called the Missile Defense Agency) being involved in the project. 

Now imagine the X-37 orbiting the Earth with nuclear weapons on board (which would appear to violate the UN's Outer Space Treaty that banned nuclear weapons in space). Imagine the X-37 releasing (or firing) those nukes back toward Earth hitting underground targets in Russia and China. 

The Clementine mission thus was a test for this kind of technology and I'd be confident in saying that since 1994 NASA and the Pentagon have repeatedly tested that same technology on other missions.



Aerospace industry publications over the years reported on US Space Command annual computer war games where the Pentagon launched first-strike attacks on Russia and China. They called it the 'Red team verses the Blue team'. 

In that war game the first-strike was initiated by orbiting 'military space planes' that fired projectiles at Russian and Chinese targets. After a series of other strikes on those nations (from bombers, nuclear submarines, etc) Russia and China tried to fire what remaining nuclear retaliatory capabilities they had.

It was after those retaliatory measures by Russia and China that the Pentagon's so-called 'missile defense' shield was used to attempt to pick-off the responses from those under attack. 


All of these puzzle pieces (over many years) create for me a definitive picture which verifies that Washington (and NATO) are vigorously working to create a first-strike capability. In essence the Pentagon is developing a loaded gun that is being aimed at Russia and China's head basically saying 'Surrender to the US/NATO or we will use this capability to initiate a first-strike attack'. 

By the way, Russia and China have long said they would never launch a first-strike attack but if attacked by the US they would respond with everything they had.

The fact that NASA has been involved in these space military tests indicates that the 'civilian' space agency has long ago been compromised and it actually an appendage of the Pentagon.



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