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Friday, April 03, 2020

Sailors cheer sacked 'Captain Crozier' in Guam

The crew turned out to cheer the dismissed skipper of the virus-stricken Navy nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

"The whole ship came out to say goodbye to Captain Crozier".

The captain showed great courage and sense of responsibility knowing that he was putting his career at risk. This is the kind of dedication to the people (not the institutions) that we should all have. 

Especially now.....

Having been in the US Air Force for 3.5 years during the Vietnam War I can easily put myself in the shoes of many of these sailors.  Far from home, missing and worrying about family, not certain about their own future.  You can see they are not practicing much 'social distancing' in the video.  Tears come to my eyes each time I re-watch these two videos. 

This virus is teaching us alot about America's misplaced priorities. 

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Blogger Lisa Savage said...

If I were Commander in Chief of these sailors, I would be worried. That is, if I had read history I would be worried. What happens when working class soldiers and sailors lose faith in those issuing the orders? He might want to look it up.

4/8/20, 9:35 AM  

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