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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Back in jail on Jeju Island

Brother Song

By Sung-Hee Choi and Kaia Curry

On April 3rd, the court for the review of legality of confinement maintained arrest warrant on Song Kang-Ho despite more than 2,500 domestic and overseas citizens' signatures for his release.

He was moved to Jeju Prison.

Song was arrested for going to witness what is left of sacred Gureombi Rock inside the Jeju navy base on the anniversary of its destruction.

Sacred Gureombi Rock before destruction for the Navy base on Jeju Island, South Korea. Prior to being blasted and covered with concrete Gureombi was full of life.

Please think that today is the 72nd remembrance year of April 3rd Uprising and massacre [by US directed forces] (March 1, 1947 to Sept. 21, 1954).

Jeju was defined as the Island of World Peace in 2005 to overcome the pain of April 3rd. How ironic it is that the state put a very citizen who works for the realization of true peace Island on the very day of April 3rd!

Further how sad it is that today is his birthday by lunar calendar! When he was arrested 8 years ago, it was his birthday, too, April 1 by lunar calendar.

We very thank all the international citizens who took signature time for is release.

[Destroyers built at Bath Iron Works in Maine are expected to port in the future at the navy base on Jeju.]


Blogger Seth said...

Thanks for this post, Bruce!
Also, the painting of Brother Song on Gureombi was done by Lee Nan Young.
Keep up the good fight.

Seth Mountain

4/4/20, 10:29 AM  

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