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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Jimmy Dore is real talk

Jimmy critiques the painful 'embrace' of Bernie and Biden.

Bernie is going full-bore on the deception campaign on behalf of the corporate-controlled Democrat party.  I guess he meant something else when he kept talking about 'revolution'.

The basic compromise between them was Biden agrees to set up 'Task forces' to study the problems we face.  Jimmy wonders out loud if either of them have any serious solutions?

The house is on fire - climate crisis and collapsing economy are going to drown us.  The Democrats 'big idea' is to study the problem.

Yesterday on the local NPR radio station they did an hour-long discussion with three 'experts' explaining why Bernie supporters must vote for Biden because Trump is bad.

After all Trump is a lair, a cheat, a wicked human being.  Trump raped women.  Trump works for the rich and those who control Wall Street.  Trump is a war monger. Trump is the villain.

I am reminded of the 2004 election between President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry (D-MA).  They both were Skull & Bones club members while at Yale University.

During one of their debates Kerry said, "If elected I will spend $100 billion more on the military than George Bush will."  Then peace candidate for president Rep. Dennis Kucinich ended up withdrawing from the race and asked his supporters to vote for Kerry.  I declined.

I've seen this shit show now for virtually all my life.  My Italian grandfather in Connecticut was a business man and politically active as a Republican.  Unlike most immigrants he quickly climbed the ladder into the middle class while his maid lived at the bottom of the hill in a multi-story old wooden tenement house.  Growing up in a military family we only got to visit relatives in between moves every couple of years.  So when I first saw this 'unequal class relationship' with my own eyes one could say that my consciousness expanded.  I loved the maid, Angelina, as much if not more than my own grandparents.  She was more real.

In 1976 I supported Jimmy Carter for president because one of his key campaign themes was "The nuclear arms race is a disgrace to the human race."  An easy tongue-twister to remember.  But the problem was that once elected Carter built the new Trident nuclear submarine base in St. Marys, Georgia (his home state) in what once was a quaint fishing village.

Due to unrestrained sentimentality I voted for Walter Mondale when that 'liberal' Democrat lost in his race against Ronald Reagan in 1984.  I convinced myself that 'I knew him' and could trust him.

That was my last dance with the Democrats.  After that I went to Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Jill Stein.  Never regretted any of those votes.  They were my voice and spoke to my heart. 

I just can't do the work I do and then turn around and vote for someone who is up to their elbows in complicity with Wall Street and the war machine.  Just can't stomach it.

Others can do what they wish - voting is a sacred trust.  I'll give my opinion, argue with you, but in the end everyone should think for themselves.

The real issue is what we do between elections to push for the obvious changes we need in order to protect the future generations.



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