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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

What's in a name

When Boobus Americanus was a young lad and delivered groceries, he was called a boy.

When he worked at the mill, he was called a hand.

When he labored in the fields, he was called help.

When he worked at the co-op he was called a partner.

When he worked as a bagger at Wal-Mart's, he was called an associate.

When he was unemployed he was called a bum.

When he joined the military he was called a grunt.

When he went overseas, he was called a patriot.

When he arrived overseas, he was called cannon fodder.

At his funeral, he was called a hero.

-~ By Herschel Sternlieb (formerly from Brunswick, Maine) who is now living in a nursing home in Washington DC waiting for the 'inevitable' as he calls it.  In the meantime he has given me permission to print any of his many fables that are appropriate to the times we are living in.

Mary Beth and I traveled to Washington last weekend to see Hersch who we love and admire having sat at his knee for the last 15 years soaking up his wit and wisdom.



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