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Sunday, December 09, 2018

French Yellow Vests demands

Here is the full list of our demands, which go well beyond the abolition of a punitive diesel tax: 1. zero homeless (urgently) 2. much more progressive income tax (much more tax bands) 3. Living wage at 1300€ net (currently at 1050€) 4. Promote small business in towns and slow the development of large-scale commercial developments on the outskirts of towns (which encourage the use of cars) 5. Large-scale national plan to insulate houses 6. Tax the multi-nationals and lower taxes for small businesses 7. Universal social security (including for self-employed who are excluded from the system today) 8. Maintain a solidarity based state pension (today's pensions are paid by the social contributions of today's workers, and so on from generation to generation) 9. No pension below 1200€ per month 10. Abolish carbon tax 11. All public representatives (TDs) paid average industrial wage, expenses controlled 12. Wages and pensions indexed on inflation 13. Protect French industry, no delocalization 14. Abolish the EU Posted Workers Directive which allows employers to escape social contributions. Limit contractual workers in large companies, permanent contracts should be the norm 15. Seriously tackle tax evasion (80 billion€) and declare the debt "odious", end austerity 16. Tackle the root cause of forced migration 17. Improve treatment of refugees and especially child refugees. 18. Civics classes and language classes for newly arrived migrants 19. Fix a maximum wage at 15,000€ per month 20. Increase of handicapped allowance 21. Guarantee a job for all unemployed fit to work 22. Cap on rents and more affordable and student accommodation built 23. No privatisation of state infrastructure 24. Re-nationalisation of electricity and gas companies 25. Immediate end to closure of post-offices, small schools, small hospitals and local rail networks 26. Ban for-profit retirement homes, no profit off the backs of our old people 27. Maximum 25 students per class at all levels of schooling 28. People's referendum initiative introduced so that people can propose laws if over 700,000 signatures obtained 29. Extra funding for justice system including police and army 30. Retirement age set at 60 or 55 for those having worked in physically demanding jobs 31. End ex-presidents’ privileges 32. Tax maritime and aviation fuel (today tax free)


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