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Friday, December 29, 2017

Which war in 2018?

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I was reading The Saker this morning - one of my daily stops along my milk route as I explore what others are thinking and doing.  Saker is a Russian emigre living in Florida.  He is an expert on US-Russian military issues and I have learned much from him- especially the Ukraine story.

While trying to grapple with an unstable coming new year, he wrote an article '2018 war or no war?'.  He is trying to get a handle on what US-NATO-Israel will do in their sick quest to knock down Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and many others.  Mr. Big wants it all - the question is how far will he go?  Some of the outcome depends on us.

Saker writes:

Now let’s sum this all up.
The chances are high that in 2018 the USA will:

  • Escalate the war in Afghanistan
  • Renege on the nuclear deal with Iran
  • Back an Ukronazi attack on Novorussia
It is quite possible that the USA will also

  • Shoot down a Russian aircraft over Syria
I find it unlikely that the USA will

  • Invade Syria
  • Invade Venezuela
I am unable to evaluate whether the USA will:

  • Disconnect Russia from SWIFT or seize Russian assets
  • Attack the DPRK

Also looking at 2018 the outlet Space News reports on the wrangling in Congress that continues over establishment of an independent service level Space Force.

Lawmakers fault the Air Force for not investing in important technologies that the military needs to ensure access to space. “We got behind, we became dependent on a Russian engine, we kept using a launch vehicle that is massively expensive, we didn’t take advantage of commercial opportunities,” Rep. Adam Smith, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee said. “There is no question that we have been lagging.”

The responsibility for military space may be too much for the Air Force to handle on top of its other missions, Smith said. “The Air Force is in charge of a lot of things. They’re in charge of nuclear weapons. They’re in charge of air superiority. Being in charge of space is third on that list.”

They've all got their hands in this pie  - Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and more.  Space warfare preparation and 'defense' is the biggest industrial project in Earth history.  Big enemies are needed to sell this one to a worn out public. Thus Russia and China public whippings - and back to the old days of sweet azaleas on the plantation. They are pushing anything that increases the military space budget - they are the aerospace industry.  The makers of dreams and those taking the global war system into the heavens.

Looks like the confederacy is alive and well.  My vote - no thanks.  I'll go down swinging.  Every now and then you get a hit.  Got to run it out....



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