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Sunday, December 31, 2017

South Korean's don't want war

The latest poll conducted by the Korean National Assembly and Korea Research: Koreans’ overwhelming support for engagement with North Korea in the New Year.

  • 81% support the North-South Korean summit meeting in 2018
  • 71% support South Korea’s sending a special envoy to North Korea
  • 67.8% support postponing the US-Korea Joint Military Drills to periods after Winter Olympics
  • 60% regard North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics very important
  • 50% think that the North-South Korean family reunions should be held during the Lunar New Year in 2018 regardless of current tension.
  • 47.4% believe that inter-Korean relations will improve in the New Year
  • 42.8 think that the new security policy of the United States doesn’t help Korea
  • 55.2% think positively about the Korean government’s reevaluation of the 2015 Korea-Japan bilateral deal regarding Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery (“Comfort Women”)
  • 70.2% support keeping the Peace Statue (“the bronze comfort girl statute") in the original place across from the Japanese embassy in Seoul
  • 67.2% expect that China’s economic retaliation of Korea caused by the deployment of THAAD in Korea will gradually lessen
  • 62.4% have faith in Japan-Korea’s bilateral relationship. A majority of Korean believe that historical issues be treated separately from areas where two nations can cooperate, such as security in Northeast Asia and economic, social and cultural areas.


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