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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

By Thomas Kircher

They say
Prowled the London streets
At night while stalking Scrooge
And Christmas ghosts.
Like any good bounty hunter he knew
They could be tracked,
Captured at gunpoint,
Put on display,
Bent against
That long moral arc
That lived within
His beating heart.
If karma is a bitch
She’s howling at the moon tonight,
In this modern age,
With its silos of steel and glass,
Where bitcoins are stored
Against the beast
Now stirring at the gate.
Old Marley
Still rattles his chains,
Only now, like
The hooded man who stands
At the gallows,
Offering out advice,
Tells Scrooge
Not to take the bait
This time around.
Times have changed.
Tiny Tim is just
Collateral damage
In the cross-fire of the culture wars.
Now the ghosts of Christmas wait
For a drink with Scrooge
Down at the bar.  After all,
There are still
Deals to be done
Before the final call.

Thomas Kircher
Biddeford, Maine


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