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Sunday, November 12, 2017

We Oppose Navy Bombing the Oceans!

Incredible moving testimonies by the people in Hawaii opposing US Navy plans to bomb the hell out of the oceans killing massive amounts of sea life.....

Activist Russell Wray writes about this video:

I just finished watching the whole thing. There were some pretty great comments being made, some that were knock your socks off great, but, as several of the commenters stated, the whole thing is just a big show, a mere formality that the Navy is required by law to engage in, even if its just running through the outward motions. In fact, its pure illusion, as the Navy has zero intention of changing anything about what it intends to do regardless of what anyone says or does or what laws are violated. Period!

 I loved the comments of the woman who was prosecuted by the National Marine Fisheries  disService (the very agency that gives the go-ahead  permits for the Navy to commit its undersea Holocaust) for ceremonially burying a dead melon-headed whale, and who kept on talking despite the disgusting disrespectful interruption by the Navy woman telling her her time was up. And I particularly loved the last commenter’s comments. Wow! What amazing power that beautiful woman has!!!

~Russell Wray
COAST (Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats)
Hancock, Maine


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