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Thursday, November 09, 2017

The Costs of U.S. Proxy War in Ukraine

The answer is no - Russia is in fact helping to care for the self-defense forces from eastern Ukraine who have protecting their communities from US-backed attacks since 2014.

Patrick Lancaster writes:

For the last 3.5 years the Ukraine war has been raging and soldiers, as well as civilians have been getting injured and killed everyday. People of Russia and [the government of] Russia itself have decided to help the victims of the Ukraine war. This is is part one in a series to show what happens to self-defense soldiers after they are injured fighting on the anti-Ukraine or "Rebel" ( DPR & LPR ) side of the war. For the first 5 parts of this series we will concentrate on the Moscow-based charity fund "Dobro mira". We will show you how they function, who they help, and how you can help them continue to do what they do.
Lancaster is an independent American video journalist who has been reporting since 2014 on the Ukraine war and he does much to help with humanitarian efforts in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

The US has been funding, training and directing the Ukrainian forces to attack the Russian-speaking population who live in eastern Ukraine.  The US proxy Army routinely attacks civilian homes, schools, day care centers, hospitals, train and bus stations, churches and more in the Donbass region.  Thousands of innocent people have been killed by the US war project being run by the fascist regime in Kiev.

The new US Pentagon spending bill proposes $350 million in security aid, including lethal defense weapons, for Ukraine in 2018. The bill was approved by both Senate and House Armed Services Committees on Wednesday.

Lethal aid could provide Ukraine with anti-tank weapons and possibly anti-aircraft arms, according to published reports.


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