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Sunday, November 26, 2017

On the old farm making cane syrup

On Friday MB and I arrived in Jacksonville, Florida and went to the Geiger farm which sits very near the airport off Hwy 295.  We quickly found ourselves loading sugar can stalks into the trailer behind Al Geiger's old tractor.  Al, now 87 years old, and his son Danny were cutting the cane in preparation for Saturday's cane syrup making.

Quite a bunch of people showed up on Saturday to help with the cane squeezing and boiling process that is outlined in great detail in the video below shot a few years ago at the Geiger farm.

Then late Saturday afternoon MB and I drove to Gainvesville (about 90 minutes away) to meet friends Julie Netzer and Miriam Elliott for supper at a favorite BBQ joint.  MB and I lived in Gainesville for many years before moving to Maine in 2003.

Today MB, Miriam, Julie and I met John and Martina Linnehan for lunch in Gainesville.  All of these folks were deeply involved in the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice which I coordinated for 15 years.  So we had a wonderful visit.

We are staying at the home of Bill and Sally Warrick in Gainesville.  Bill is a Veterans For Peace member and was my medical doctor during the 10 years I lived in town.  So it is also a lovely reunion with them as well.

Tomorrow we are driving to the Atlantic Coast city of St Augustine (the oldest city in America) where we will have a visit with Yosi McIntire who is like a brother to me.  His mom Peg McIntire was the heart and soul of the Florida Coalition during our prime years.  She lived to about 98 years old and stayed active to the end.

What a trip it has been so far.  Much more excitement to come.



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