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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Monday, September 18, 2017

October 7 Vigil at BIW during Keep Space for Peace Week

On Saturday, October 7 we will hold a vigil from 11:30 til 12:30 at Bath Iron Works in solidarity with Keep Space for Peace Week - the International Week of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space.
We will meet across from the Administration building on Washington Street and walk up to the Navy Research Center at noon.
General Dynamics continues to build Aegis guided missile destroyers [equipped with so-called ‘missile defense’ systems] as well as the new Zumwalt which is on track to becoming the most expensive warship ever built.
It is imperative that we speak clearly to say No! to the building of warships here in Maine!  No! to the militarization of outer space.  It is time for us to set aside technologies that only enslave us to wars that never end.  The insanity of building these warships must come to an end so we can instead use the Earth’s resources to heal the many ills of our society and those we continue to inflict upon our Mother Earth.
Let’s stand together with love and with all of creation calling for DISARMAMENT NOW.
Let us ask “Where do these warships go when they leave BIW?”
Please bring signs and banners.
FMI call: Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm 763-4062


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