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Monday, September 18, 2017

Gureombi: the Wind is Blowing

"Gureombi: the Wind is Blowing".

This is a full length film about the Gangjeong struggle on Jeju Island, South Korea and is directed by Cho Sung-bong and originally released in 2013.

The US gave the specifications for the Navy base in Gangjeong village to the South Korean government and told them to build the base.  Since the opening of the base last year US Navy warships have already begun to port there.

This heart-breaking film tells the tragic story about the destruction of sacred Gureombi rocky coastline and the still on-going struggle of the villagers and their many supporters.

Gangjeong is a 500 year old fishing and farming village of 2,000 residents that today is being over run by Navy personnel.  This story is just one tiny example of how the demands of the US military empire impact the lives of innocent people all over the world.


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