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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Climate Breakdown Report

After Irma hits the island of Barbuda, the Prime Minister says that 90% of the country has been leveled. Just devastating.

On National Public Radio (NPR) tonight a climate 'expert' was asked if these recent massive hurricanes were in any way caused by global warming.  The hack responded no - and went on to say that actually in recent years we've had less hurricanes.  NPR should be renamed National Petroleum Radio since they obviously represent the fucking interests of the fossil fuel corporations.

Anyone that gives $$$ to NPR should have their head examined.

Do we wait until the winds hit 500 mph before we acknowledge we have a damn problem?  When does the public wake the hell up and start demanding some immediate changes?

We could start with serious cuts in the obscene Pentagon budget.  (Trump is planning to ask Congress for an even larger military budget next year!)  Big money will be needed to deal with hurricane damage in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia.  We should be demanding conversion of the war machine to the Natural Guard to help deal with these more frequent severe weather events.  Forget wars for fossil fuels - we need solar, wind, rail, tidal power systems now.

In the meantime the airlines, stores in Florida, and other capitalist shysters are charging an arm and a leg for their products as the public stocks up in preparation for their hit by Irma.  These profiteers should all be jailed.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Rush limp dog said the warnings about Irma and Jose were propaganda for the "global warming lie" He scurried out of Florida two days ago. Trump is a denier. He lost his mansion on IsleForgetWhichOne. He's about to lose his golf course. Lovely how non-scientists toss up(throw up) the preposterous theories. Like they do capitalism, they don't know math but they "know better" than us or anybody else who does at least see a pattern of failure. Glad I'm not in the gulf. One good report, though. Three simultaneous hurricanes is building up a huge low pressure zone that's pulling weather northwest to southeast. Meaning Oregon and the others experiencing wild fires. They'll probably get some good rain at just the right time. OK a week later than the right time.

9/9/17, 2:47 PM  

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