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Thursday, March 23, 2017

It Ain't So Much Fun After All

After eight hours of debate, House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, left, and Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., the vice chair, listen to arguments from committee chairs Wednesday as the panel meets to shape the final version of the Republican health care bill.

Saddle up
one Republican
in the House of Reps
"At some point we have to cowboy up and prove we can govern"

The Obama Care
health bill recall plan
has hit the rocks
as Republican
the current
'reform' process

During the Obama tenure
when the health bill was passed
Congress was not allowed
to consider
Medicare for All,
a real national health care plan

So instead we got
a corporate health care
welfare package
and certain to make big $$$
for the insurance companies

Now the Congress
talks about
'access' to health care
that means
the hacks in DC
will make it possible
for you to buy
insurance on the
open market
if you can
afford it,
most can't

Still today
inside the hollow halls
of Washington
Medicare for All,
is only whispered
in the toilets
by those
pissed off
about the
corporate domination
of the people's house

Soon corporate adverts
will be emblazoned
on the outside walls
of the Capitol
neon lights blinking
everything is for sale

even the steps
up to the Capitol doors
will be painted with ads
to remind the 'consumers'
who actually owns
the house

each step
sold to the
highest bidder
the soul
of the nation
now has a price tag
our God
is the
green frog skin

Step right up!
Make a bid
on a Capitol step
the higher you
get to the heaven$
the more they cost!



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Yeah, that was the deal they gave me in Texas, where there isn't a survival-level grant for people waiting for a disability hearing. Which sometimes takes years. If you're disabled, and really can't do any work that actually pays even minimum wage, which won't pay the expenses of dealing with your disability,... but you can buy insurance at a higher rate than a not-disabled person, and won't pay for pre-existing conditions, Which Is A Key Point in the Trump "deal", what do you do? Live with family, yeah, but your family probably doesn't have much bread either, like the Johnny Cash song "busted"

I went to my brother to ask for a loan
cause I'm busted
I hate to beg like a dog for a bone
but I'm busted

My brother said 'their ain't a thing I can do
my wife and my kids are all down with the flu
and I was thinkin' of callin' on you
cause I'm busted'

White collar workers aren't going to fall from a roof or get shot with a nail gun or throw out their backs lifting heavy stuff or get hit by some other person's dropped tools.

And their families, brothers, parents, grown children, they're not very damned likely to do blue collar work either.

Colorado has a program that will pay rent, utilities and transportation up to 733 dollars monthly, which is the standard SSI payment for a single adult w/ no dependents.And it's taken out of your benefits which start on the date you applied for SSI or SSDA. Texas only has Medicaid for people who are children, mothers of young children or pregnant, and people already receiving SSI. In other words you have no health insurance. and can't get any.

Social Security Disability would pay what a person retiring by being elderly with the same number of credits. And you would be eligible for Medicare. And Medicaid until you become eligible for Medicare.

My situation was the "wait for benefits to be approved and meanwhile beg like a dog for a bone". That and "Die". A lot of people drop completely out and the only way they can get any help is to go to the emergency room at the county hospital. A broken and abscessed tooth costs 2000 dollars per visit.
Ask how I know that...

But Medicaid gets you to actually get the tooth extracted so y don't have to go to the ER about 3 times a year. And they pay 140 bucks or around that sum, to resolve the situation. Go ahead, ask how I know that as well.

Never minding that an abscess is a life-threatening situation and allowing it to recur makes that many times you risk your life for the privilege of being unable to work.

And the taxpayers get to pay +/- 10 times as much for each visit. Yet some people who actually know me still incredulously ask why I didn't vote for Reagan, either of the Bushes, McCain, Romney or Trump.

What of the people who completely gave up? They're often referred to as "the homeless" and left to die.

3/23/17, 4:29 PM  

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