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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

French Left Leader on Korea Tensions

Jean-Luc Melenchon is a leader of the Left Party in France and is currently running for president.

NewStateman reports:
Mélenchon passionately defends the idea of a new Republic that gives power back to the people and abolishes the “presidential monarchy”, wants more fiscal justice, a review of the European treaties to put an end to “austerity policies”, and a new ecological order which would see France drop nuclear power.

French voters go the polls on April 23 and May 7 in the two-round election, which is being closely followed outside France as another test of popular discontent with traditional parties and institutions like the European Union.

Emmanuel Macron, former investment banker and economy minister running as an independent centrist, remains the favourite to win France's turbulent presidential election race.

Macron would lead first-round voting with 26.5 percent, just ahead of populist leader Marine Le Pen at 26 percent, before beating her 64-36 in the run-off, according to the Odoxa poll. 


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