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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Future of Humankind is at Risk

Ukraine President Poroshenko meets NATO Commander General Philip Breedlove to discuss the plan for more war on Russia's border

There is little doubt that US-NATO are advancing a dangerous and provocative military strategy to take down the Russian government.  The US thought they had full control of Russia when Boris Yeltsin ran the country after the fall of the former Soviet Union in 1991. Washington is not happy with the way things turned out and appears to be saying, "Vengeance will be mine."

In an article entitled The Harvard Boys Do Russia The Nation magazine reported in 1998:

Through the late summer and fall of 1991, as the Soviet state fell apart, Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs and other Western economists participated in meetings at a dacha outside Moscow where young, pro-Yeltsin reformers planned Russia's economic and political future. Sachs teamed up with Yegor Gaidar, Yeltsin's first architect of economic reform, to promote a plan of "shock therapy" to swiftly eliminate most of the price controls and subsidies that had underpinned life for Soviet citizens for decades. Shock therapy produced more shock--not least, hyperinflation that hit 2,500 percent--than therapy. One result was the evaporation of much potential investment capital: the substantial savings of Russians. By November 1992, Gaidar was under attack for his failed policies and was soon pushed aside. When Gaidar came under seige, Sachs wrote a memo to one of Gaidar's principal opponents, Ruslan Khasbulatov, Speaker of the Supreme Soviet, then the Russian parliament, offering advice and to help arrange Western aid and contacts in the U.S. Congress. 
After seven years of economic "reform" financed by billions of dollars in U.S. and other Western aid, subsidized loans and rescheduled debt, the majority of Russian people find themselves worse off economically. The privatization drive that was supposed to reap the fruits of the free market instead helped to create a system of tycoon capitalism run for the benefit of a corrupt political oligarchy that has appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars of Western aid and plundered Russia's wealth.

The architect of privatization was former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais, a darling of the U.S. and Western financial establishments. Chubais's drastic and corrupt stewardship made him extremely unpopular. According to The New York Times, he "may be the most despised man in Russia."

Essential to the implementation of Chubais's policies was the enthusiastic support of the Clinton Administration and its key representative for economic assistance in Moscow, the Harvard Institute for International Development. Using the prestige of Harvard's name and connections in the Administration, H.I.I.D. officials acquired virtual carte blanche over the U.S. economic aid program to Russia, with minimal oversight by the government agencies involved. With this access and their close alliance with Chubais and his circle, they allegedly profited on the side. Yet few Americans are aware of H.I.I.D.'s role in Russian privatization, and its suspected misuse of taxpayers' funds. 

When Yeltsin left office Vladimir Putin took over and the US was confident that they would control Putin as they had the Yeltsin government.  Over time though Putin has shown his loyalty is to the Russian people rather than the corporate bankers which has led to his demonization across the west.  The decision has since been made that if Putin and Russia won't fall into line behind US interests then there must be regime change in Moscow.  Thus we see the US-NATO war project in Ukraine.

Today we witness the US-NATO military encirclement of Russia's borders and efforts to destabilize the Putin government internally and externally.  One significant method of external destabilization is the US European Command's (EUCOM) European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) signed by President Obama which included $985 million in ERI funds. These monies enable the Pentagon to continue its efforts to "reinforce America‚Äôs solemn commitment to the safety and territorial integrity of our allies and to strengthen the security and capacity of our partners in the region."

Some examples of locations where ERI "projects are planned to be executed" include:

  • Graf Ignatievo, Bulgaria (Airfield Improvement)
  • Amari, Estonia (Airfield Improvement)
  • Lielvarde, Latvia (Improve Airfield Infrastructure)
  • Siauliai, Lithuania (Improve Airfield Infrastructure)
  • Lask, Poland (Improve Support Infrastructure)
  • Campia Turzia, Romania (Improve Airfield Infrastructure)
  • Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania (Cargo Ramp/Multi-Modal Improvements/Fuel Storage Capacity)

This military "capacity building" along and near the Russian border illustrates the game of hardball that Washington and Brussels are now playing.  They are putting a loaded gun to Putin's head - the threat is being made to either submit or face expanded war and chaos similar to what the US-NATO have already unleashed inside Ukraine.

The US elite thought they had Moscow safely in the corporate bag back in the early 1990's but saw that long sought control slip away under the Putin administration.  Washington has repeatedly shown that it does not like to be denied and thus is willing to face a nuclear war with Russia in order to finish the job of corporate consolidation.  Sadly few citizens in the US know this history and lack a clear understanding of the present situation and the dangers involved.  Even many so-called peace activists are still blind to what the corporate dominated government in Washington is doing.

The future of humankind is at stake.  The time has come for the people across the west to wake up from their long sleep and see that their governments, led by the corrupt, greedy, and hypocritical oligarchy in Washington,  has put every one's future at risk.


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