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Friday, April 17, 2015

More Kiev Death Squad News

A Kiev tank displays their true colors in the current civil war against self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine who are resisting the US-NATO backed neo-Nazi regime

  • I am on bus and then train from Maine to Washington DC to be part of a workshop on the US military 'pivot' into the Asia-Pacific.  The workshop will be part of the Ecumenical Lobby Days at the capital where a thousand Christian activists are scheduled to attend.
  • More disturbing news from Kiev, Ukraine as the leader of a recent protest at the US Embassy has been killed by death squads.  (You might have seen the post I made of the protest video where more than 2,000 protesters where mooing like cows outside the embassy to illustrate that the US-NATO backed regime in Kiev will not allow the people to speak.  So much for US-style democracy.) 
  • One person wrote about this latest assassination:   "Another one of my friends, Oleg Kalashnikov, was killed. I'm very sorry. We were friends. I knew his family. Repeatedly I tried to convince him to leave Kiev. In response, he told me that if everyone leaves, then who will fight. I constantly tell my friends, remaining in Ukraine, that the organization of protests is futile. This power does not argue with its opponents, it eliminates them. Many of my friends were arrested, some disappeared, others were killed."
  • Fort Russ reports that home addresses of the murdered Kiev junta opponents were listed on a hit list website of the Interior Ministry.  One entry listed the home address of the ex-People's Deputy of the Party of Regions, Oleg Kalashnikov, killed the day before by hit squads at the entrance to his apartment.  The US has ensured that neo-Nazi operatives are now in charge of various Interior and Security departments of the corrupt Kiev regime.  The message is clear to anyone who opposes the US-NATO war project along Russia's border - resist this program at your own peril. It reminds me of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala during the 1980-90's.
  • Poland's retired Land Forces commander and Deputy Defense Minister Waldemar Skrzypczak used to be in favor of arming and training the Ukrainian military. That was before the Rada [Kiev parliament] passed the law glorifying the UPA [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Ukrainian Insurgent Army that joined Hitler's attack on Russia during WW II] -- the same UPA that killed Skrzypczak's uncle by pinning him to the door of a barn with a pitchfork. Now that Ukraine has shown its true colors, Skrzypczak has concluded that until Ukraine rids itself of its nationalism, it will be impossible for Poland to collaborate with that country in any meaningful fashion. It should noted that Skrzypczak is an influential figure in Poland, a veteran military officer whose service included the command of an occupation zone in Iraq, and who has few peers when it comes to authoritativeness on national security matters.


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