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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fascism Alert: It Has Happened Here Before

January 29, 1935

Wall Street’s Fascist Conspiracy

Testimony that the Dickstein Committee Suppressed

By John L. Spivak

An organized conspiracy exists to seize the government by a fascist coup. The Congressional Committee appointed to investigate just such activities has not only failed to follow the trail of evidence to its fountain head – Wall Street – but has deliberately suppressed evidence pointing in the direction.

In these articles the reality of Wall Street’s fascist conspiracy will be made clear; the lineup of financial interests back of the conspiracy will be set forth; and the real role of the Dickstein Committee, which suppressed this evidence, will be revealed.

A suggestion of the existence of Wall Street’s fascist conspiracy was made public in November. The Dickstein Committee then was forced to call Gen. Smedley D. Butler, one of those who made the charges, to testify. And that was the end of the Committee’s interest in proving the charges.

The series of articles will go deeply into the whole situation, of which only a hint trickled through to the public. The suppression of evidence by the Dickstein Committee reveals the Committee’s real character: With an ostensible mission to uncover fascist activities, the Committee actually turned out to be a close collaborator with the would-be fascist rulers of the country; it covered up the conspiracy by suppressing evidence which led too high up in those financial and industrial groups which run Congress, “advise” the President, and dominate the country.

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