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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Update from Jeju Island

Catholic Bishop Peter Kang Woo-Il is in Gangjeong (white hair, on the bus beneath the tower)

Longtime Jeju international team member Paco reports:

After 16 hours without food and drink in the freezing cold and wind, the crackdown has ended and the tower is being taken down. However, Bishop Kang has negotiated the following with the police: The people who were arrested earlier will be released and the people who were in the tower have been taken to the police station where they will be questioned and released and not imprisoned. We will see what else happens from now...10 people have been injured. Tent and barricade has been destroyed. 

JungJoo reports:

This is going to be the last update from me. My phone is running out of battery. All roads to outer world are blocked by police. No one is allowed to be out and in again. No water no electricity and no toilet. But we are still okay.

It is clear that the emails to the South Korean military command have helped make it possible for Catholic Bishop Kang to be able to negotiate release of those arrested.  The Korean military knows that people around the world are watching and are outraged.  You can send a message of solidarity with the Gangjeong villagers by writing to the South Korean military command at:


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