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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Women Turn Against Kiev's War

Fort Russ reports:

The women of Velikonovoselo are openly telling Ukrainian soldiers to leave and not bring war to their homes. [Even though there is no English translation on the video you will understand it by the pure emotion.]

The video shows a group of local women assembled at the local military commissariat and demanding to know where their mobilized sons and husbands are. The officers are replying that they are not in the zone of fighting but rather at the permanent bases of units to which they were assigned. This does not seem to placate the women, who only get more boisterous. But it's when the officer says that the Ukrainian troops will leave when [supposedly invading] Russian troops arrive (!) that the crowd explodes.

What’s interesting is that the women are no longer afraid of anything. It’s clear that the mobilization [call for more conscripts because Kiev's US-NATO backed war on eastern Ukraine is not going well] was the proverbial last straw.

Half a year ago ten Right-Sectorites [Kiev's neo-Nazi shock troops] with assault rifles would have quickly restored “order”. Now something is stopping them. Clearly they are afraid. 


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