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Thursday, February 13, 2014


  • The snow is coming again now, up to 18 inches in some parts of the state, the media plays it up big.  Everyone is beginning to fear climate change but we are still not allowed to talk about the subject in any meaningful way - particularly the military aspects of weather modification.

  • In 1999 I was part of a small group that went to Puerto Rico to support the people's occupation of the island of Vieques that was then a bombing range for the US Navy.  It's was thrilling and humbling to visit the occupied island as Puerto Ricans waged an ultimately long but successful campaign to kick the Navy out.  The island is now faced with serious environmental impact from the years of pounding with US ordnance .

We were invited to Puerto Rico by a group called the Comité Contra las Experimentaciones Ambientales. They were the organization that led the protests against NASA in 1998-99, which forced cancellation of the Coqui Two rocket, launches in the town of Vega Baja. The Coqui Two were a series of atmospheric experiments by NASA. The rockets released chemicals into different layers of the atmosphere in order to test their effects on communications and radar signals. Protests forced NASA to close down the operation after eight tests even though 11 had been scheduled. (See my report at the time here

Learning about the NASA-Pentagon weather modification experiments was deeply disturbing to me.  We are talking about people who are playing-testing-toying with the whole web of life in order to "control" nature and use it as a weapon of war.  It is shocking...... it is the work of the devil.

  • There are many theories, and wild claims at times, by folks trying to get to the bottom of the whole question of weather modification for corporate control.  But when we see Monsanto in action - destroying natural seeds - and we see Nestle - grabbing local water supplies, even here in Maine - the picture becomes murkier and clearer at the same time.  The corporate war is on and they will do anything to win.  They are crazy.  They have a spiritual disconnection with the real world.  It is like Avatar.
  • On Saturday at 3:00 pm, we hope the storm will be gone by then, David Swanson from Virginia will speak in Brunswick at the public library (and later that evening in Portland at USM).  He is a very creative, funny and dedicated pro-peace activist.  He puts all the pieces together and has made important re-discoveries that connect us to massive anti-war sentiment amongst the people just after WW I.  The US signed an international treaty to outlaw war, which of course today is totally ignored by our war machine government.  David has the kind of spirit that wants to reconnect us to times when we were more united and filled with determination to end war.  He helps us rediscover our power as humans. And he will make us laugh a bit as well...


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