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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


The idiom pig in a poke refers to a confidence trick originating in the late Middle Ages, when meat was scarce, but cats and dogs were not.  The idiom pig in a poke can also simply refer to someone buying a low-quality pig in a bag because he or she did not carefully check what was in the bag.

Maine's piece of this F-35 boondoggle is the Pratt & Whitney plant in North Berwick.  They make engines there for this plane.

Maine House Speaker Mark Eves (Democrat-North Berwick) in 2013 said he was pleased that Pratt & Whitney got the engine contract.  "This is incredible news for Maine workers in North Berwick," said Eves. "The jobs provided by the North Berwick facility serve countless families in the area and across the state. North Berwick is proud to have Pratt & Whitney and its workers in our community."

Our liberal congresswoman Chellie Pingree from Maine's 1st District has been a strong supporter of the F-35 engines being built at Pratt-Whitney.


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