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Friday, February 07, 2014


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (on left) and Hillary Clinton are being pushed by the corporate oligarchy as their candidates in the next round of political theatre

Now that Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is political dead meat the ‘voices’ tell us that Jeb Bush wants to run for president.  The conservatives love him; the fundamentalists do as well, as do the militarists and bankers.  It's a good fit, as they say in the shoe business.

But the bankers, and oil barons and the military industrial complex like Hillary too.  Lots of liberal women adore her as well.  Many Democrats are excited about "putting" the first woman into the 'highest office'.  Some Democrats though remember Hillary's long ties to Wall Street evidenced during the first Clinton reign over the White House.  NAFTA, bank deregulation, and steadily building the war machine were the hallmarks of the Clinton years - that and "welfare reform" that stepped up the pace of austerity cuts.  While representing New York in the Senate Hillary was a strong supporter of an aggressive Pentagon. The Clinton's Democratic Leadership Conference (DLC) is a corporate funded political instrument designed to ensure their control of Washington.

So the oligarchy will run two horses in the race for president on November 8, 2016.

I lived in Florida when Jeb Bush was first elected governor in 1998.  He defeated a good man named Buddy MacKay who had been Lt. Gov. under the previous administration.  As a congressman MacKay had been good on many issues including speaking out against the US war in Central America.  For a southerner MacKay was an open man in most ways.  One of his campaign themes was that Florida could not handle any more people due to the draining of the water aquifer.  He wanted to put limits on growth.

Jeb Bush represented the powerful development industry and reactionary (slavocracy) interests that wanted control of everything in Florida and across the region.  That means Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Latin America and more.  There has long been a historic link between Florida big corruption money and imperial ambitions across the Caribbean.

At Bush's first inaugural address at the capital in Tallahassee he pointed to the nearby government buildings and said, "My dream is to someday see all these buildings closed down."  Imagine how the corporate oligarchy cheered at the mere thought of the idea.  Feudalism - there can be no better word to describe the vision.

As president Bush would push feudalism with gusto while Clinton would shave a few of the edges and keep the progressive base frozen just as Obama has eagerly done while in office.  They all work for Mr. Big.

We are likely to get more of the feudal dynasty - Bush and Clinton - sold to us like soap on a TV advertisement.  Maybe the people will rise up and demand more. There still is alot of that Occupy spirit out there.  God knows things are not getting any better these days.


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