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Friday, January 10, 2014


I spend a good amount of time on Facebook.  As an organizer I can spread information quickly and a great distance. I find many good articles and videos.  It's useful to me although I don't like their sellout to the NSA.

Lists seem to be the current fashion on FB and I am one who has all my life tried to walk away from trends, fashion, the popular thing because I didn't want to be like everyone else.  Sometimes one succumbs to the prevailing waves but in general I've tried to stay loyal to that attitude.

So here is my list about why lists are worn out:

10.  Lists are linear thinking and the native people tell us that our entire mindset must move away from industrial brain patterns if we are to live on Mother Earth in a good way.  (linear means straight line pictorial representations...obedience to the line, to authority)

9.  Lists keep us from telling stories which are the traditional way to pass on information to each other

8.  Lists simplify the complicated            

7.  Lists make little noise

6.  The list makers, and list keepers, hold much of the power             

5.  The master(s) of the list makers and list keepers also have lists

4.  Lists reenforce the class division - corporations are at the top of the list of annual profits, donations to politicians, polluters of the environment, makers of weapons, and the fewest members of their class ever going to jail

3.  Key activists get their names on lists used by Mr. Big to spy on the people

2.  Lists create separation - X is the most popular person in the public eye and Z is not.  Z feels slighted and is angry with X (and the public).  X fears Z might become most popular on next year's list.  So X undermines Z

1. Lists are anti-life in that they help keep us disconnected from the web of creation...lists keep us away from the circle which is a revolutionary concept

Here is an example of the linear and the circle in direct conflict. The linear is very efficient.


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