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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I saw an interesting exchange today on Facebook.  Someone wrote about problems with their local Housing Authority which runs government low-income housing programs. A responder on FB had this to say:

If you find out the answer to this, I would like to know as well. Cause if housing there is like it is here, just as corrupted, I am afraid anything you can do will have to be something outside the agency. Of course you are then running the risk of them finding some reason to put you out. Be careful. Here in the past year or so, it's gotten SO MUCH worse then it has in previous years, it's starting to feel like a concentration camp starting up. I hear it's going to be worse when they turn them into "tax credit homes" (RAD program) and that is by their own admission during one of the mandatory meetings at the home office.

Here, it's like complaining to the police about one of their own. Those lower down the chain are on a leash, only doing what they know they are allowed to do (and some instructed to do) from the higher ups. So many of them are in bed with each other, so to speak, as they employees are carefully selected and some groomed for special positions.

And if you think HUD will do anything, good luck on that. I had Doug Weed tell me face to face last year that HUD doesn't care and won't do anything about any of the corruption. But don't let my words discourage you, just be careful and let us know if you get any positive results and how you came about them.

People can't afford to pay the landlords anymore for a place to sleep.

It should be a human right,
a nice place to land at night,
free from fear, safe from the weather.

How come bankers get to work us like slaves to extract
our limited income by chaining us to a friggen highway-robbery 30-year mortgage? 
When the hell we going to complain about that?

It's the class war
it's raging on now
coming to a home near you
it's all the rage
everybody is getting into it

Some loving$$$ it,
some suffering from it.
And it rages on.

The rage is out there
gonna catch you before long.


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